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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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User Proposal

If you are interested in using the SIMS instruments at the Caltech Microanalysis Center, please contact Prof. John Eiler or Dr. Yunbin Guan for further information.

User Fees

Caltech, JPL, and other academic users: $175/hour (8 hours full day), effective from 2/1/2022.

Sample Preparation

For ion microprobe analysis, samples must have polished flat surface. If the samples are not conductive, they have to be coated with an electrically conductive coating. Either gold or carbon coats can be used. However, gold coating is preferred for better conductivity and easier sputtering than carbon. At present, we have sample holders to accommodate typically polished thin sections, thick sections, grain mounts, or pre-mounted "bullet" samples.

Caltech Microanalysis Center Schedule

You can email to the Lab Director to set up a schedule of using the SIMS instruments.

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